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Customized Emergency Guidebooks

MARCH 20, 2019

Developing an emergency response plan for your organization is crucial for first response compliance, as well as general safety in the event of a critical incident. But dense emergency response plans can be difficult to navigate under duress, and formatting emergency plans for easy reference helps to decrease confusion and response time in a crisis.

Ratio Risk, in collaboration with our partner Wellspring Info, has developed customizable emergency guidebooks, which help streamline plans of action for different emergency scenarios, such as active shooter, fire, and intruder incidents. These compact guidebooks have flipbook reference tabs to various emergency situations and are designed to hang on walls for quick reference during an emergency event. The guidebooks incorporate diagrams to break up long blocks of text and include crucial emergency contact information.

To begin the process, Wellspring Info reviews the organization’s emergency response plans, shares leading content, and helps to make plans more compliant. The plans are further tailored to national best practices and local first response guidelines. Senior Account Executive Scott Cohen’s expertise comes from reading thousands of emergency response plans, collecting the best checklists and diagrams for emergency preparedness.

Wellspring will print and distribute the guides, and can provide an app version for mobile devices. Contact us for more information about developing a customized emergency guidebook for your organization.