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“It was engaging and practical.
I have the tools and training I need to protect my students if, God forbid, this every happened to me.”
Gabrielle Mangano
St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy, Belle Harbor, NY
“Several participants came up to me after Mass yesterday to say again what an empowering program it was.
It is a program like the Parish Safety and Security Training that at least gives us the ability to think strategically if the unthinkable occurs.”
Cindy Reynolds
St. Irene Parish, Carlisle, MA
“All the instructors were fantastic in the Active Shooter Response Training!
They were able to explain different scenarios and how to problem-solve. They were all very approachable and made me feel like I could come up with ways to protect myself and my students.”
Stephan Marucci
Walnut Park Montessori, Newton, MA
“The Active Shooter Response Training was one of the best workshops I’ve been to.
Walked away feeling confident. Have a clear vision of what I need to do in my own classroom to protect my kids.
Danielle Cavone
Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Elmsford, NY