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Training & Consulting

Bringing together top-tier expertise from a range of disciplines, we assess your organization’s risks and implement an on-site training program utilizing an integrated team approach.

Our Training Programs

Active Shooter Response Training

Hands-on education and training for active shooter and other emergency situations. Our trainers are law enforcement professionals with years of SWAT team experience in corporate and educational settings.

Parish Premises Safety & Security

With unfortunate security incidents on the rise, now is the time to ensure your safety procedures and security protocols meet today’s ever-changing standards. From online training to on-site walk-throughs, we will help you establish and maintain safety plans and protocols.

Harassment Prevention

Harassment in the workplace can take many forms. Understanding what constitutes harassment and knowing how to prevent it leads to a healthy and productive workplace for all. We offer training tailored to your environment and culture.

Cyber Risk Assessment & Data Breach Prevention

In partnership with leading cyber security experts, we developed a cyber risk assessment program. Our experts will examine and test hardware and software, assess policies and procedures that may impact cyber risk, and make recommendations for the mitigation of that risk.


Crisis Management


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